Metal Storm 'zine

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The Fourth Revelation


Even the heavens shall burn when we are gathered… 

At last, the great anticipation and incessant wait has come to an end!

What was thought to be buried and forgotten has been reborn through blasphemy!

As of Aug. 2010

To Spread the words of Satan and live in eternal Sin!

Metal Storm ‘zine


Rites of Evil - Drunkness Descends


Vol.4 will continue in the same ungodly traditions as before.

Nothing fancy or over the top.

Only DIY terror will ensue.

The new issue summons forth 6 nefarious groups of the underworld, to mock the messiah and speak the words of evil. 

Accompanied with album & demo reviews, news from the UG and for the first time ever in the Metal Storm ‘zine saga, an exclusive live Death Metal conversation with Rick & Bay of Sadistic Intent entitled

 ‘Deth Metal Corner’, where they give their thoughts & stories to 10 random DethMetal (both current & classic) bands/albums.


In efforts to withhold the tradition of festival reviews, Vol.4 will feature 2 killer events that took place in 2008.

One being a full 6 page review of the monumental ‘Blood of the Damned’ tour that shook the West Coast in 2008 & an extensive 10 page detailed review of the Hole in the Sky fest that striked Bergen, Norway in August 2008. All accompanied with rare/never before seen pics (live & off stage).

Vol. 4 arises with a high glossy cover and 70 semi gloss pages and is once again strictly limited to 250 copies worldwide.

Once it’s gone – it’s gone forever.

No reprints – No reissues.


Postage will remain the same for North America.

North America is set at $8.00 ($5.00 ‘zine + $3.00 s/h)

As for the rest of the world –SERIOUS DIEHARDS ONLY!

Shipping overseas is extremely $$$!

Each country has their own rates. 

If you wish to obtain a copy, contact me at the following for further detailed info –

Absolutely NO trades, NO wholesale, NO PayPal.

Please don’t ask otherwise.

I deal with well hidden USD cash only. 

(July 2013 Update - I currently do NOT have a mailing address at the moment. Email for further info.)

No bullshit rip-offs here!
All mails and letters will be answered accordingly.

Again, Many HAILS and THANKS to EVERYONE who gave positive feedback and strong support to Metal Storm 'zine Vol.1, Vol.2 & Vol.3!

 (Vol.1, Vol.2 and Vol.3 are officially SOLD OUT)

Drink from the chalice of Blasphemy and rise up against the enslaver!

Forever to revel in Lust and Damnation,