Metal Storm 'zine

No Fake, No False, No Poser - Only Printed 'zines are real!

The Ancient One's Rule Once More!!

Greetings & Hails to all sinners, drunks, heathens and hellbangers worldwide!

It is with tremendous great pleasure to announce the long awaited follow up to 2006 Vol.1 of Metal Storm'zine!


As of July 2007

The Return of the Old Evil is back to strike the UG one last time

Metal Storm'zine Vol.2!!!!  


 Vol.2 is a supreme step ahead from its previous issue.

Consisting of more band interviews, pictures, editorials, live show and album reviews, Los Angeles Thrash Metal report and much more Metallic Hellmetal Mayhem to satisfy all worshippers of Extreme and Obscure Deth!


+An exclusive live show review of the much talked about show with Sadistic Intent, Bestial Warlust, Merciless Death  and many more that took place at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA June 24,th 2007 (Before the Sadistic Intent/Possessed appearance in Germany in August)


Vol.2 is strictly limited to 250 issues worldwide. Once it's gone, it's gone FOREVER!

(As of March 25, 2010 only 3 copies remain!)


Be advised the postage will be slightly higher for Vol.2 due to its extremely Heavy (Metal) weight & production of this unholy 'zine.

100 pages!


North America is set at $8.00 ($5.00 'zine + $3.00 s/h)

As for the rest of the world - Serious Metal Diehards only! Shipping overseas is VERY $$$!!

 Each country has their own rates.

If you still wish to obtain a copy- 

You may contact me through the following e-mail address for further detailed info:


Sorry, absolutely NO trades/wholesale at this moment.

North America

Send ultra mega well hidden $8 cash (No Paypal for North America) to the following:



P.O. Box 91391

Los Angeles,CA



No bullshit ripoffs here.

All mails and letters will be answered accordingly.


Many thanks and hails to everyone around the world who supported and gave supreme positive feedback to Vol.1 of Metal Storm' zine!


This one is for all of you Chains, Denim and Leather Diehard Maniaxe of the UG!

Forever in Beer and Hellfire,