Metal Storm 'zine

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The Third of the Storms


Hails and Cheers to all the Drunk Metallians of the Worldwide UG! 

I am extremely proud to announce the wait is FINALLY over!
What most of you have been asking for continuously, the hour has arrived at last!
The third follow up to 2007's Vol.2 edition of Metal Storm'zine! 

As of August 2008
Forever we Indulge and Worship at the Altars of Blasphemy
Metal Storm 'zine Vol. 3 !!! 


Under the 'zine of the Black Mark


 Vol.3 will be in the same ungodly tradition as it was in Vol.2
Nothing fancy - only traditional DIY destruction.
Long killer interviews with 8 of the underworld's current menacing bands, accompanied with Hellmetal news from below and much more demo/album reviews then the previous volumes!

 Also for the very first time ever, Vol.3 will include a full extensive (15 pg.!) review/tale of the Wacken Open Air and Party.San Festival that occurred in August 2007 and all the alcoholic terrors that took place backstage, off stage and everything in between.

From Possessed's sinister performance at Wacken Fest to Sadistic Intent's FIRST ever appearance in Germany playing along side Ancient Dethmetal Masters Pentacle to the supreme fest/lineup that took place down South in Bad Berka, Germany at the Party.San Festival and every perverse, shitty and drunk tale in between.
A definite good read for all!

 Vol.3 arises with a high glossy cover, totaling in at 92 semi gloss pages and is strictly limited to 250 copies worldwide.
Once it's gone - it's gone FOREVER!
Postage will remain the same for North America.

North America is set at $8.00 ($5.00 'zine + $3.00 s/h)
As for the rest of the world - SERIOUS Metal DIEHARDS ONLY!! Shipping overseas is VERY $$$!!
Each country has their own rates.

If you still wish to obtain a copy, you may contact me through the following e-mail address for further detailed info: 

Sorry, absolutely NO trades/wholesale at this moment.

North America
Send well hidden $8.00 cash (No PayPal for North America) to the following:

P.O. Box 91391
Los Angeles, CA

No bullshit rip-offs here!
All mails and letters will be answered accordingly.

Again, Many HAILS and THANKS to EVERYONE who gave positive feedback and strong support to Metal Storm'zine Vol.1 & Vol.2! (Ask me about Vol.2 - - -
May the heavens burn bright and eternally and the beers remain cold and flowing!

Under the wings of Baphomet,

********OFFICIALVol.3  FLYER*******